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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Interesting movie. No car chases, no gun battles, no sex, not even any romance. There is some baseball, but not much. This video clip is the only "artistic" bit in the whole movie.

Make that a gripping movie. What is it about then? I think it is about figuring out what to do. It's kind of like gambling. You take the cards you're dealt, you figure out what you think your best course of action is, and then you place your bets. It's about waiting, lots of waiting, though you don't have to suffer through it, this is the movie version after all. It's about making decisions and acting on those decisions, especially when everyone around you is telling you that you are wrong.

Jonah Hill did a fine job as as Peter Brand (aka Paul DePodesta), the totally stereotyped number crunching geek.

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