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Friday, February 19, 2016

Don't Blame The Economy, Blame The Drugs

The Drug Lords: America's Pharmaceutical Cartel
Newsletter from Senator Jeff Merkley (D - Oregon) got me stirred up enough to respond. Here's a copy of what I wrote:
The biggest problem with drugs is that they are illegal. Suicides are tragic, but sometimes it is the best option available. If accidental overdoses are a concern, perhaps labeling the drugs with a 'do not exceed' message might help.
I don't know, but I suspect that the worsening economic situation is behind the increased suicide rate. A negative income tax might help with that. Making vacant houses available to the homeless might help. Promoting primitive farming, ala the Amish, might help more people become self sufficient, which might help.
Drug addiction is not necessarily a medical problem. Many people think it is, but there are reasonable people who disagree. Now I wonder if there is any correlation between being a drug addict and committing suicide by deliberately taking an overdose of drugs.
The DEA is an abomination and should be dissolved. Anyone who wants to keep drugs illegal is either a moron or they are they are part of the American Drug Cartel.
The media talks about the drug cartels in South America, but they are small fry compared to the American one. I do not recommend picking a fight with them, they are vicious and would not think twice about killing anyone who opposes them if it would help maintain their grip on the drug market.
Don't support them with feeble minded legislation that add new restrictions to drug distribution.
Do not forget that the pharmaceutical industry is part of the American Drug Cartel.
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