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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pill Hill

Doernbecher Children's Hospital on Pill Hill, Portland, Oregon
Pill Hill, Portland, is home of OHSU and an untold number of other medical facilities. I was up there the other day and I was astounded by the fantastic buildings.

I think this photo must have been made using one of them funny wide-angle lenses. The top part is looking east, but the bottom is looking west. The result is a very distorted view of the place, but it more accurately reflects the Alice-in-Wonderland feel you get when you are there. Click to embiggenate.
A more normal view of Pill Hill, looking North
The place is wedged between a residential neighborhood on the west side and a steep hillside to the east, so their working space is somewhat constricted. As a result they have built something like an enormous high tech castle. This is the best photo I could find and it doesn't really do justice to just how bizarre this place is.

Google Earth image of Pill Hill, Oregon, looking West
This image from Google Earth is not as clear, but it does show the extent of the place. The group of buildings on the left half of the picture do not even appear in the picture at the top top. The very long pedestrian bridge in the lower right portion of the previous image is just to the left of center in this image.

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