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Monday, February 29, 2016


1455 NW Overton Street, Portland, Oregon
Paid a visit to the US Citizenship & Immigration Service this morning. Walk in the front door and you are confronted with the security desk. Only people with business there and maybe a friend or relative or two are allowed in, and only after you go through security screening, which is very similar to what you find at the airport. The one significant difference is that if the guard on duty does not judge your shoes to be a threat you don't have to take them off. You don't find personal service like that at the airport.
    Just like the airport you aren't allowed to bring in weapons like jackknives or even penknives. I took our knives back to the car. When I got back to the entrance there is another guard on duty who wants to know my business. Fortunately the guy who was manning the desk when I first showed up was still there and recognized me and let me in. Osmany was the only one with business, so technically they didn't have to let me in. Like I said, personal service makes a difference.
    Inside it is pretty bare bones: a lobby with several closed doors, stairs heading up to a waiting room, and an open doorway leading to room with some chairs and people. Apparently this is where the action is. Osmany is getting his fingerprints taken, and they aren't your simple press-all-your-fingers-at-once kind. The lady roles each one of his fingers and thumbs through an angle of maybe 120 degrees. They make really wide prints.

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