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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tightly Focused Insanity

Ride along with Top Fuel driver Shawn Langdon

NHRA Top Fuel Dragster makes a 3.77-sec, 316 mph pass at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, Arizona, back in 2013. Back in the day, like a zillion years ago, top fuel dragsters were covering the quarter mile in 7 seconds at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. There were a couple of aspects of this activity that made it attractive. One was the tightly focused mechanical engineering needed to make these exotic machines and the other was the incredible noise they made. They are like monsters out of a science fiction story, brought to life, right here in your own backyard. Be there! Sunday!

This came to me in an email from Road & Track. Seems they have expanded their view of the world. They also include links to their old rival Car & Driver.

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