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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chaffing Under Odious Restrictions

Today's Air Quality
We can no longer burn yard debris in our backyard. Never mind that before THEY passed the new rule you couldn't burn in the summertime because it was too dry and you were liable to burn the whole town to the ground, and it's too wet the rest of year to start a fire. Now you cannot do it at all. Ever. Stupid rule. Really chafes my hide, I tell you. Never mind that I haven't tried to burn anything for the last ten or fifteen years. That's beside the point. Dad burn bureaucrats are trampling on my rights! It's my God given 'merican right to burn shit. Pretty sure it's in the constitution. No wonder people move to the hill country. Just wanted to let you know how I feel, and now that I've told you how I feel, I feel much better. It's all about feelings, you know.

     Just demolished the blackberry bramble that has been growing unchecked along the back edge of my lot where it adjoins the protected wetlands. Now what do I do with the debris since I am not allowed to burn it? I could haul it up the twenty foot hill to the front curb and have it hauled away, or I could just leave it where it is and let it rot, which wouldn't take long since the ground there, such as it is, is pretty much water-logged. Actually, right now, submerged might be a better term.
    If I leave the debris, there is no doubt that zillions of little blackberry plants will sprout up in an attempt to regain their domination of this patch of land. That might be okay because the roots for all the blackberry plants that have been cut down are still there, and they will be sending up shoots as well. We are going to need to be mowing these suckers down every month or two for the next couple of years in order to completely eliminate them from this patch of ground.
    Meanwhile, the burn ban is intended to help improve air quality. Can't even burn wood to heat your house unless you've got an exemption. Washington County, Oregon, has a webpage were they post their air quality rating daily. I've posted the link in my Dailies section in the sidebar as well. Should be kind of pointless now since we have this ban. Our air quality should always be good, right? I wonder what the history of our air quality looks like. I'd look, but I've had enough of this for now.

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