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Monday, February 22, 2016

Saturday Night

Muu Muu's Big World Diner
Restaurant & Bar
We started with dinner and drinks at Muu Muu's which is right next door to Cinema 21. Handy if you are going to the movies. The place was dark enough that I needed a flashlight to read the menu. Fortunately sweety-bert had her smart phone and a flashlight app. I got something called The Elmer, which was chicken, mashed potatoes, green gravy (!?!) and a fruit thing. Pickled apple slices in cranberry sauce maybe? Whatever, it was pretty tasty. I thought the chicken tasted like turkey, but then maybe it does. They are awfully similar and most of what we think is taste is texture and spices. Sweety was a little disappointed in her hamburger: there were french fries in it. Edible, but not what she was expecting.

The Meadow
    We had a little time to kill so we walked up to 23rd and wandered around for a bit. We stopped in The Meadow on account of sea-salt and chocolate are all the rage these days and that is their stock in trade. Very peculiar little shop, at least to my way of thinking. $10 chocolate bars from the far corners of the earth. $60 gift sets of various kinds of table salt, likewise from obscure locations. I'm kind of a Hershey's and Morton's guy, so this place just baffled me. They also stock a variety of bitters. Those look like they might be interesting, but I'm going to leave that to people with the time and inclination to investigate.

Dick's Kitchen
Back to 21st street where we stopped in at Dick's Kitchen for coffee and cheesecake, just a block down from Muu Muu's. Whereas Muu Muu's was just my glass of bourbon, quiet and dark, Dick's was bright and loud, which suited sweety. Coffee was $2, which I thought was pretty good for sit down service. The cheesecake was tasty, but cheesecake generally is. You know, I can't think of a single instance of bad cheesecake. Might be why I weigh 250 pounds. We split one piece this time.

Then it was time for the movie. We met a couple of friends at the door. They had passes to PIFF and have been watching four movies a day for weeks. Okay, days. Something else I just don't understand.

P.S. Dick's has huge double-hung windows with counterweights concealed in the frame and suspended from ropes. I didn't think they made windows like that anymore. When I was in junior high school our house in Bexley had double-hung windows. They were just regular size though, not ginormous, and certainly not double glazed.

Update April 2016 replaced missing pictures. I'm a little pissed about this. I learned a long time ago not to hot link pictures from other sites because they can disappear without any warning and then you are left with a dumb looking post. So I now I make a local copy and then upload it to Blogger, and since I'm not using Picasa or Google+ for pictures, Blogger should be able to keep track of them, right? So what happened here? Could be that I got lazy and forgot my golden rule and hot linked them, and that is probably what happened here, as following the links from the original post did not go to a Blogger url.

Update May 2018 replaced missing picture. How did this happen, again? I suspect Blogger of being too smart for it's own good.

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