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Monday, October 31, 2016

1932 Ford V-8

How traffic tickets were handled. Excerpt from:
1932 - The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine

This excerpt is only a couple of minutes long and is a bit curious. The whole video is an hour and while it is enjoyable enough, it doesn't give any insight into the business of casting the engine block.
    Ford did spend better than 600 million dollars to build a new factory to build the Model A with its V-8 engine. And here I thought the billion dollars being spent on automobile factories these days was big money. If Ford built his factory today it would cost over 8 billion dollars, which is as much as is being spent to build the biggest computer chip factories now.

Old Ford Assembly Plant in Seattle
Ford also built an assembly plant in Seattle, but the depression was even worse on the West Coast than it was back East. It closed almost immediately. I'm not sure they even built any cars there. The building is still there. It is a public storage facility now.

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