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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Food is one of the things that binds us together, lets people know they are part of the same tribe. We eat meat, they don't, is one of the common differentiators. Some people are really into food. They like shopping for food, they like cooking, they like spending time in the kitchen. I don't. I like charcoal grilled steaks, but that is about the extent of my cooking. I do enjoy a tasty, well prepared meal occasionally, but once a month is plenty. Fast food and Chinese restaurants do me just fine.

Some of my friends take more interest in food. These days for our Thursday lunch we have been going to a Chinese restaurant. It suits me just fine. I order the same dish every time. Dennis thinks their menu lacks variety. We may be going back to "New Seasons" soon to accommodate Don who is encumbered by a job. It's one of those foo-foo New Age / Organic grocery stores, that also has an over size deli. There are no waiters. For every item of food you have to go a different counter and talk to a different person. I have it down to picking up a saran-wrapped sandwich out of the cooler and a piece of cake from a counter. That means I only have to talk to one person at the coffee bar to get a cup of hot water for my tea. Oh, and the cashier. Make that two people.

The other guys go and pick all kinds of weird stuff up and even wait for it to be cooked. What a pain. I mean it's just lunch. Is it really that important to spend all that time on it? I guess that's one of the things that keeps life interesting.

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