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Friday, November 25, 2011

Comedy. Or Not.

I watched a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad last night. Netflix has it labeled as a comedy, but it seemed more like a horror show - just one disaster after another. It was so extreme I wondered if maybe I just wasn't getting it. I asked my college age son about it and he thinks it's funny, so I don't know.  It reminded me of True Lies with Arnold and Jamie. The opening scene (at 55 seconds in the trailer) has Arnold having a running gun battle with a bunch of bad guys on skis. He manages to reach his accomplice in their getaway vehicle, a big old bread truck. Both doors are open and the driver is leaning forward talking to Arnie. Arnie tells him to sit up and he does and Arnie fires shot through the truck, the bullet passing right in front of the driver and hits a bad guy who has just appeared on the far side of the truck. It was one of the funniest scenes in the movie and the audience roared, me along with them. It was just so over the top that it was funny. A friend of mine went to see this movie and we were talking about this scene and he didn't get it. What's so funny? A man was shot and killed. What is everyone laughing about?
Reminds me of a couple of movies by the Coen brothers that I expected to be funny, but really weren't. Also remember reading something about how the Coen brothers make people laugh at things they normally wouldn't laugh at. And then there was Danny DeVito's War of the Roses, that was supposed to be a comedy, but was really very sad.

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