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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Costco Executive Membership

I went to Costco the other to pick up a few items. When I get to check out, a woman employee starts telling me how I should sign up for an Executive membership, how it's a really good deal, how if I was an Executive member I would be eligible for another $75 in rebates (these are actual cash money rebates, not some nebulous coupon fluff), which is more than the extra fee for Executive membership would have cost. I decline, and she goes on, and the cashier chimes in. It was quite a spiel, but I still declined.

It might actually be a good deal, and I might still sign up, but the way they are pushing it bothers me. If it is such a great thing, why do they have to promote it so heavily? From the looks of it, it will cost them money. I pay a small fee now, and in a year I will get double my money back. What possible advantage is there for them? The only advantage I see is that they offer you more "services", which allows them to get their hooks deeper into you, which means they capture more of your business, and thereby make more money. I don't expect to use any of these other services, but I am afraid of being inundated with offers. The only offer I am interested in is a job. As long as it isn't testing. I hate testing.

Still, I suppose I should sign up. Money for nothin' is pretty attractive. I am already adept at discarding spam, whether it is the electronic or paper variety, so a small increase in volume should not have a big impact on my mental health. I just find it odd that Costco would find it worthwhile to promote this thing that apparently costs them money. Those hooks must be really valuable.

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