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Monday, October 9, 2017

Engine Failure

Damaged engine on Air France Airbus A380 - miguel.amador_ @theamadoor
An Air France plane en route to Los Angeles from Paris made an emergency landing Saturday in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, N.L., after one of its engines blew out over the Atlantic Ocean.
Seems to happen on a regular basis, though the damage is not often this extensive. Guess I shouldn't be surprised since there are like a zillion airline flights every day, but why do they always seem to happen in the frozen far north? Perhaps because being in such forbidding territory makes the event newsworthy, whereas an emergency landing of a flight across the eastern USA isn't terrifying enough. I dunno.

North Atlantic Airports. The star at the bottom is Goose Bay N.L.
Airplanes landing in Greenland show up here now and again.

Via FlightAware

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Anonymous said...

In the old days, before political correctness (December 2001), that airport was called Goose Bay Labrador. The other famous airport in Newfoundland (not shown) is Gander Newfoundland. These are the closest airports to Europe so they were very important in the early days of aviation before long-range aircraft became common. There are many stories of distressed aircraft landing here. Another famous airport is Gimli Manitoba. Ask the Google about "Gimli Glider". It's a great story.

Thanks for a great blog.

Your pal,