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Friday, June 14, 2024

Fred Meyer Gasoline

Fred Meyer Fuel Pump

Took mama to Freddies earlier this week to pick up I dunno what. Drove her car and since the tank was less than half full figured I ought to fill it up, otherwise I'm gonna be making a special trip to get gas because it has gotten low and mama's got someplace to go. Okay, it's the dinner hour and there's no line at the gas pumps. I've bought gas here before and I didn't have any problem. I dunno why but the pump refused to cooperate with me.

Scan my Freddies loyalty card and now it displays a list of four options on the screen. The first one is 'Use all available points now'. I don't care what the rest of them are. Anyway, there are four lines of text on the screen, numbered one to four. Next to the screen are four button shaped arrows pointing at the four lines of text. I push the button next to number one and nothing happens. Confused, I track down an attendant and he tells me you need to use the buttons on the keypad which is off to the right and not remotely next to the screen. Geez, what a dummy I am, thinking the buttons next to the screen would be the ones to use. The keypad is obviously a much better choice.

Okay, got through that, push the big button for Premium (mama's car is persnickety), pull the trigger and nothing happens. Fine. Start over, so through the whole rigmarole again and still nothing. Go get the attendant and we go through it twice more before it starts working. There is a kind of switch that contacts the tip of the nozzle when it is stored in the pump. We had to trip that once or twice to get it going. I didn't do that when I started over. Oh, the glories of technology.

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