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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Get a Move On

Get a Move On
Mr Scruff

This tune just came over the ether and I said Man! haven't heard that tune in a long time. Why has it been so long? Was it part of some previous musical environment that somehow didn't manage to follow me around? I mean it was all digital, I have, I dunno, maybe a hundred CD's but I don't think I have played a single one in years. Well, okay, there was a time when I was playing the same tune over and over again while I was doing a few minutes of exercise, probably going up and down the stairs. But I was just playing whatever was already loaded, which I believe was an album by America, possibly Ventura Highway

1967 Buick LeSabre dashboard

At some point I went over to digital. I had those cheap computer speakers which were probably not very good, but for somebody raised on single 6 x 9 speakers mounted under the steel dashboard and playing through a steel grill, they were just fine, as long you didn't need a lot of volume.
Not too long ago I splurged on a Blue Tooth speaker and it does very well for me. One of these days I might look for something better, though how can you tell until you hear it? I went looking for loud speakers once when I lived in Austin. There was a store not too far from me that had a large selection of loudspeakers, all hooked up, in a separate room, for you to listen to as you desired. Acoustic suspension speakers were all the rage then, but they all sounded a little dull, not crisp and clear like the giant V2 speakers that didn't use acoustic suspension. They wanted $600 back then which was not undoable, but it was a big chunk of change so I did not buy them.

Just went looking for the post about the Blue Tooth speaker and I was surprised how many posts I have made about speakers. I ain't even an audiophile.

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