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Friday, November 22, 2013

Philippines Relief Aircraft

Super Stallion Helicopter

You may have heard that there was a severe storm in the Philippines last week. Came across a story today about the US Military's relief efforts there. Also saw another one that mostly talks about the advantages of various aircraft. I thought it was kind of long winded, so I summarized the essential elements in a table.

Hercules and Osprey

The Osprey's weakness is its high cost and low carrying capacity. Its advantage over helicopters is its speed and range. I was surprised that the Super Stallion outperforms the Chinook in all measures. Hercules is in a class by itself. All can refuel in mid-air. I think you'd have to be nuts, but it can be done.

Chinooks in Afghanistan

Update: Silly me, I mistook the picture of the Pave Hawk in the Philippines for a Super Stallion. No pics of the Super or the Chinook in the Philippines. Also figured out how to embed a spreadsheet.

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