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Saturday, July 2, 2016


Noah Droddy
Watching the Olympic Trials on TV this evening. They are switching back and forth between the swimming in Omaha and Track & Field in Eugene Oregon. They are focusing on Galen Rupp, the long distance runner wonderkind and I notice this hippy looking dude in the background. He's got really long hair, he's wearing sunglasses and his name tag says Droddy. His appearance makes him a real standout in the crowd of crewcuts. My wife spotted him once during the race and that was it.
    It's the next day and the race results are posted.  Noah came in last place, but he did finish. Seven others did not. His time for the 10K was 3 minutes slower than Galen, the winner, or about 10%, and about 4 seconds slower than the guy ahead of him.

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