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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fiat 124 Returns

2016 Fiat 124
The 124 Spider has returned! The original 124 was one of the coolest sports cars available, but that was 50 years (!?!) ago. It's been resurrected. This time it's using a Mazda Miata chassis and it's being built in Japan, but the engine is Italian. This car was introduced a year ago. Market forces have been conspiring to keep me, and every other right-thinking person, from hearing about it.


CGHill said...

Weirdly, while it's built on the MX-5 platform, the Fiat shares no sheetmetal with the Mazda: it's a bespoke body.

scott smith said...

The original had a number of electrical problems.
A friend had one that succumbed to a severe dashboard fire.