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Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog | Official Teaser | Netflix

Stupid, boring and irritating. But my wife liked it. We've got two brothers running a successful ranch in 1925 Montana. Their parents got old and moved away, to the big city presumably. 

Giant Frigging House in the Middle of Nowhere

Two brothers, one smart, full-on cowboy, one not so smart, but solid and reliable, live together is a giant frigging house in the middle of nowhere. The brothers are in their 30's. Solid up and marries the widow who runs the restaurant in the nearby crossroads. Smarty was perfectly comfortable with the way things were and doesn't take kindly to having his applecart upset. Widow has an effeminate teenage son who is studying to become a doctor. Eventually we see smarty's true colors, and now it starts to make sense. It's still stupid, but hardly anybody gets to live a smart life full of adventure and happy, smiling people. 

Cattle drive on the Great Plains - Castaigne, J. Andre - 1892

The scenery is cool, but the cattle look a little too fat. Pictures of cattle on old time trail drives look like they are skin and bones, relatively speaking. I suppose fat cattle is what they raise now. Oh, there is murder by anthrax, a common disease with cattle. That's kind of interesting.

Oh yeah, it was shot in New Zealand. 

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