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Monday, December 5, 2022

Nothing Burger

My mind seems to have entered an empty space. Almost nothing on Feedly interests me. Likewise Quora seems to be overflowing with stupid and / or ignorant questions. There might be something of interest on reddit, but I can't seem to find a list of all the categories, though I suspect that might not help.

Meanwhile the new house remodeling project (going on three years now) continues. This morning's project is try and get some parts from Pella to repair a broken awning window. Then I need to draw up a plan for the master bathroom remodel. Fortunately I don't have to design it, the girls have already figured out what they want, we just need to nail it down so Osmany will have a plan to work from.

I have a couple of little computer programs I should finish and post on this blog. I think I have figured out the technical problems with making them run, I just need to polish them up a bit, but I don't seem to be able to focus.

Mean-meanwhile I am reading Night Soldiers by Alan Furst and his insights into how the Soviet Union operated under Stalin are a bit distressing. Sounds a lot like Genghis Khan, except Genghis was long enough ago that we have dressed up his actions as rational (submit or die was his modus operandi), but actually he was just like Stalin - kill anyone and everyone you want, and the more painful and gruesome their deaths, the better. They were savages. Western civilization frowns on that kind of behavior. Kill your enemies if need be, but do it without torturing them.

Putin might be a thug, but as Michael told us in The Godfather, all powerful men are thugs. 

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Chris said...


Maybe this will cheer you up: Real people doing really cool stuff:

This video sends shivers up my spine. I used to live close to this airport and, when I was learning to fly, my first cross-country solo was into and out of this airport. To see this DC-3 in the air is amazing to me. Enjoy.