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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Batteries Plus, Again

Set about constructing a cradle to lift the engine into the Sebring yesterday and found the battery for my cordless drill was dead. No problem, I have a spare in the charger. Pull it out and plug it into the drill and . . . remember that sound from Star Wars when Han pushes the big red button and the Millenium Falcon does NOT go to lightspeed? Yeah, well, that's what we got here. Either the hyperdrive motivator has been damaged or this freshly charged battery is kaputski.

Stop by Batteries Plus (What is this? The third time in three weeks?) and pick up a new one for $35. Gadzooks! These things are expensive. We were at Home Depot earlier getting materials and I was ogling the new Milwaukee cordless drills. Real jazzy with their zig-zaggy stripes. Small and light, they look like a ray-gun straight out of Flash Gordon. But they want a $100 for them. I probably could have gone to Harbor Freight and gotten a whole new drill for $35, but I like my Makita. I've had it for years and other than the battery it shows no signs of wearing out. Of course I am probably going to have to replace the spare battery next week and that will mean another $35 expense.

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