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Friday, November 8, 2013

You're In Power

Can you spare a tinkle for a poor, down on his luck, out of work killbot, sir?

Iowa Andy sent me a link to a story with the title Urine-powered robot to acquire human-like heart. The developers suggest:
In the city environment, they could recharge using urine from urinals in public lavatories. In rural environments, liquid waste effluent could be collected from farms.
The author begs to differ:
Naturally, our vision for the future is Terminator-style urine-powered killbots menacing humanity, or at best generally making a complete nuisance of themselves hanging around toilets begging for a drink.

1 comment:

uniberp said...

The basis is fuel cell with living microbes and a chemical pee mix separated by an ion permeable membrane.

So again, as with so many projects, "success" is dependent on genetically optimized organisms. Food, fiber, and intelligence are already manipulated.

Still nothing will ever reduce the supremacy of oil except plague.