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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Work On A Starship

I Work On A Starship
by Roberta X
Actually, I don't, but Roberta X does. Actually she doesn't either, but she does some kind of technical guru work for a company that has a lot of radio communications gear. Her work is esoteric enough she may as well be working on a Starship.

She also writes and putting these two skills together she wrote a book, and I ordered a copy via Lulu. It was a little steep compared to the two and three dollar detective stories I've been reading, but then it is special, and so well worth the price. The only part that bugged me was the shipping, and that was my complaint about Lulu last time. They will mail a book for $4, but the package cannot be tracked. Last time I ordered I chose this option (because it was cheap) but the package never arrived. Well, I'm not going to fall down that rat hole again, so let's make sure we can find out where this package goes, so I specify tracking. This bumps the price up to $9 which seems exorbitant, but then I am used to Amazon's shipping rates. I suspect Amazon is only about a zillion times bigger than Lulu, so there may be some economy of scale going on there.

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