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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar & Sleep

I went to Costco (the warehouse super market) on Friday to pick up a few items, and because the food Nazi's weren't with me I also picked up an apple pie. These pies are glorious: they are big and heavy and delicious and they only cost like $12. Over the next 24 hours I had four slices of pie, which amounted to half of the whole. I did not sleep at all Saturday night. I got a couple of naps on Sunday, and I did not eat any more pie, or anything else sweet. I slept eight hours Sunday night, which is very rare. Is there a connection between eating sweets and not sleeping? Or not eating sweets and sleeping well? I kind of think there is, for me anyway. I am going to keep track and see if there is some kind of correlation.


Stu said...

Sugar High? That'll make you hyper and hinder you sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Dont bring pie into the house.
If you want a piece of pie, walk to the pie shop and have one piece, read the paper, and walk back.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Don't bring pie into the house!?!?! What are you? Some kind of commie?

Chuck Pergiel said...

Sugar High? I'm not sure I would recognize it.

Kathryn said...

CHEEE. terrible. I think it's pretty obvious there's a correlation and no further study is needed. Don't buy the blasted pie! grrrrrrr.