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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meeses to Pieces

My cave reached the bursting point this morning, so I did a little clearing out. In the process I uncovered half a dozen computer mice of varying species: wireless, optical, wireless optical, what have you. With all this new fangled technology, why am I still using the old mechanical mouse with a wire that originally came with my computer? Sure I have to take the ball out and clean it occasionally, but that usually just means rinsing off the cookie crumbs and then drying it. When it gets really bad I have to open up the mouse, pop out the rollers and wipe off the cookie grease with a tissue. It's a nuisance, but it's better than having to spend actual money to buy something that is going to crap out in six months.

1 comment:

Snigglefrits said...

Happy New Year to you & all your mice. ;-)