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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old People

Jack & I went to Buster's yesterday for lunch. Behind the counter were the same three guys who are always there. Jack & I have been going there, off and on, for several years, and I got to wondering just how long these guys had been there, so I asked. I was expecting an answer of maybe 5 years, cause these guys are just kids, certainly under 30, so you can understand that I was a little surprised when the cashier told us he had been there 22 years and Rob, the meat cutter, had been there 23. Yowzers! I must be getting old.

Then tonight I hear that my brother-in-law is in the running for the Supreme Court of Iowa. At first I think he's kind of young for that, don't those jobs usually go to old guys? And then I realize he is almost my age, which means he is almost 60, which is old. Geez.

It is unlikely he will be selected. The Governor has the final say on who gets picked, and he is a Republican and my brother-in-law is not.

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