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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


They had a new toy at the dentist office this morning: a blood pressure cuff you wear on your wrist. They started taking my blood pressure there last year, or maybe the year before, I don't remember, but this was the first time for a cuff that you wear on your wrist. Fully automatic, put it on, put your arm across your chest and it goes about it's business. Came back with "good" numbers, so I guess I'll live for another day.
    The chair has a built in back massager. It kind of feels like a cat slowly kneading your lower back. A big cat. Best part of my visit.
    After many years, and after talking it over with my friend Jack, I have come to realize dental hygienists come in all flavors. Some are aggressive and will leave you feeling like your jaw has gone ten rounds with Rocky Balboa. Some are slow. A few are really good, quick, efficient and don't expend any more force than necessary. Or maybe I've just gotten better at brushing my teeth. Yeah, right.

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