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Silicon Forest

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


When I was a kid there were several stories that were told about what the future would hold. Among them were flying cars, robots, electric power that would be too cheap to meter and the three hour work week. We have made great strides in our technological capabilities, but we are still stuck with Homo Sapiens Version 1.0, and so we still have the 40 hour work week even though the number of people who have jobs keeps falling.
    Some people like to say that exporting jobs to countries with cheaper labor frees us up to do other, more important, more profitable work. But that more important, more profitable work requires a bigger capital investment, or more money gambled on business ventures, most of which will fail, in order to find one that will pay off. But we are expending ourselves in building war material which is getting burned up at the rate the of a million dollars a minute. That's like taking every new car and pushing it over a cliff.

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