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Sunday, May 5, 2013

C:\Documents and Settings\Utter Despair

Consumer Reports (June ’13) dropped this little factoid into the middle of an article on securing one’s smartphone:
Software infections and scams still ravage home computers. Our survey suggests that 3.4 million users had to replace a computer last year because of infections.
Holy flurking schnitt.
What I want to know is this: How many of those 3.4 million users, after first attempting to disinfect a machine — which admittedly takes time and effort — simply said “Fark it, I’m buying a new one?” And does that truly count as “had to”?
(Note: Yes, it’s a Windows-related string up there. As Apple fanbois will happily inform us all, nobody attacks Macs.)
Stolen entire from Dustbury. If you are making $100K a year, which, near as I can tell, is a mediocre professional salary these days, it will take you one day to earn enough money to buy a new laptop. I suspect many cubicle drones like to do something else in their time off besides fool with computers. I will further bet that most of them did not even attempt to disinfect their machine. Therefor I am surprised that the number of replacements is only 3.4 million and not 3.4 billion.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah my ex husbands 90 + year old dad kept visiting porn sites and getting his PC all infected. Ex-hubby kept having to deal with it so finally he took away admin rights from his dad. A couple months later he was visiting and asked about the PC. Old man said he didn't like the way it ran so had gone out and bought a new one. I'm still laughing about that.