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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have A Drink

We've been watching Borgia, Rules of Love, Rules of War, and I finally put two and two together. Unlike Game of Thrones which has at least one character with a brain (the dwarf), none of characters in Borgia have distinguished themselves, at least not in a positive way. They all seem to be vile, conniving heretics.
    Then it occurred to me that they are drinking wine all the time, well, at least when they are in town. Occasionally you will see soldiers drinking water when away from town, but I'm pretty sure the habitual drinking of water in a town was a good way to contract some horrible disease that would kill you.
    So basically these guys are intoxicated all the time, so no wonder everything they do seems insane. Rational thought is going to have to wait for a couple-three hundred years for clean water.
    We're all in this together, we're all drinking, we're all crazy, and we're all comfortable with this. This is what we are familiar with: 5,000 years of the fruit of the vine.
    And then we run into ganja from the East, and hey, that stuff is different. Those people are different. They act different, they think differently, they smell different. Grrrr, they must be the enemy! Wine is the one true God! We must slay all the ganga smokers! And that's why we have our great and wondrous War on Drugs.

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