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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Suburban Drapery Service

One of the things nobody mentions about buying a house is how much furnishings are. Things like drapes, and blinds. You can try to economize by buying the cheapest stuff you can find, and for some situations, like blinds you never touch, that might work out fine. For windows you use where you might open or close the blinds daily, you will soon have cause to regret purchasing the cheap stuff. And once you've moved up from the economy models, well, the sky's the limit. Just look at the colors! And the fabrics! Lord have mercy on this sinner because I shore would like to throttle the man who made women. It's not bad enough you have to pay money for these ridiculous contraptions, now we have to shell out real money for these tarted up monstrosities. Of course it's all my own fault for getting married in the first place. It's just a cross I will have to bear.
    Once upon a time we had a couple of blinds go wonky on us. We located a husband and wife team who came out to the house and fixed them for a relatively nominal sum. It was still real money, but compared to replacing the broken blinds, it was a pittance. We used them a couple of times and they proved to be reasonable and reliable. Last year I needed a blind fixed and I took it the local Rhoda shop. They shipped it off to Timbuktu for repair, didn't get it back for two or three weeks and charged me retail, which I thought was a bit rude.
    More blinds are broken, or rather the number of broken blinds has reached the something-must-be-done threshold, so I looked around for the couple we used before. There were three or four blind repair shops listed on the West side, but none looked like the ones I was looking for, so I just picked the closest, and what do you know? Turns out it was the same people. Their business had improved so much that they had moved into a new shop.
    Got the truck all loaded up and headed down the freeway and I realize I only have a vague idea where this shop is. It's in this little business park on Nimbus in Beaverton, so it shouldn't be too tough to find. I get down there and start driving into this business park and, umm, this place is a lot bigger than I remember it being. There are a lot of businesses in here. I idle down the road wondering where I should start looking and getting more discouraged with every driveway I pass. I finally reach the end and decide that I may as well start here, so I turn right into the very last driveway and halfway done the row - Surprise! There it is! Maybe god does love me.

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