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Sunday, February 9, 2014


B509II vs. sRGB. I believe that this image attempts to illustrate how inaccurately a laptop reproduces colors, like pretty much every laptop on the market.

Somehow I got on the Haiku mailing list and I haven't been able to get off. (Haiku is the project that took over BeOS after the commercial version crashed and burned.) It's not all bad, it's a daily reminder that I said I was going to start working with Be, and occasionally something interesting will pop up. Lately there has been a discussion about what kind of laptop to buy, and Sean tells us that he is going to buy a Schenker B513. A what? A Schenker? Who or what is a Schenker? Never heard of them, but I guess that's not too surprising. So I go look it up and it looks like every other fancy laptop on the market. The bullet points mention USB 3.0, which is also new to me. I guess wires still count for something. I remember when USB 2.0 was a big deal.


Ole Phat Stu said...

I have USB 3.0 on my 1 year old laptop, so backups are faster. All the slow periperals (scanner, printer etc) stay on USB2.0 though.

My laptop also had a bay for a second disc, so I put an SSD in it and put the OS and swapfile there.

Max. memory too, so now the thing is 'bout as fast as they go :-)

Charles Pergiel said...

Backups!?! I gave up doing backups some time ago. Now I keep most everything on the net. I wonder how many people actually make regular backups. I'll bet it's very low, like one percent.