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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Red Baron, Part 2

I was going to change the picture on my last post, but then I decided I would just put up another one.

Fighter Squadron 11: The Red Baron and his Flying Circus. 
That's Manfred in the cockpit. His younger brother Lothar is seated on the ground in front
Note that this airplane is an Albatross D.III, not the Fokker Triplane he is commonly associated with.

I was reading about Baron von Richthofen in Wikipedia and the section about his piloting career is just riddled with dates, and I'm thinking a timeline would be really helpful here, and then I remembered running across timetoast, a web app for making timelines. Maybe someone has already made a timeline for the Red Baron. They have, and here it is.
Click on the dots to expand the explanation.

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