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Friday, February 7, 2014


Yes, it's Chrysler Sebring, the infamous. Remind me to tell you the story of its miraculous resurrection.

More snow than I seen in a coon's age. Well, a couple three years anyway. Schools and many businesses are closed. Naturally, since my wife had the day off she wants to go shopping, and since I have such a busy schedule, I got elected to drive. We took my super awesome four wheel drive monster truck which was a good thing because everybody else was having a hard time of it. Little slopes that you wouldn't even notice in dry weather became automotive sledding hills, which naturally led to confusion, congestion and coughing. We managed to avoid any such entanglements and managed to get home in time for the Portland Trail Blazers versus Indiana Pacers basketball game. It was all tied up when I checked in a few minutes ago and Lillard had just been fouled/committed a foul, and there was going to be a delay, so I wandered off so I wouldn't annoy the enthusiasts in my family.

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