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Monday, February 17, 2014

Béisbol been berry berry good to me

Or not. A couple of old stories that popped into my head just now.

Story #1. When I was a kid at Lafayette Elementary School in West Seattle, one of my classmates was a baseball fanatic. Hard to imagine an eight year old fanatic, but there he was, at a game with a bunch of kids our age, standing on the baseline hollering at the players. The adult supervising this game keeps telling him to step back, but the kid keeps coming back up and keeps coming closer and closer to the batter and then whamo! He's standing right behind the batter, the batter swings and hits Randy, for that was the kids name, square in the mouth with the bat and knocks out a bunch of his teeth.

Story #2. My friend Anthony was at an amateur softball game at a field in Austin, Texas. He was sitting on the bleachers behind the chain-link backstop. It was an old field and not in the best repair. There was a hole in the chain-link just big enough for a softball to go through. The batter caught a piece of the ball and it flew off the bat, right through the hole in the back-stop and hit Anthony square in the face. I don't think it broke anything, but he was black and blue for weeks.

Garrett Morris did a sketch on Saturday Night Live as baseball player Chico Escuela. Chico spoke only limited and halting English, so the joke centered on him responding to almost any question with his catch phrase: "Baseball... been berra berra good... to me." I wanted to post the clip, but it doesn't seem to exist.

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