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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Recent reading material. I've read the books in the left and center column. I haven't finished reading the books in the right hand column. Some of them I might finish, some of them I won't.

Last fall I was driving some people to classes in Portland once a week. Since I was going all that way, and since Powell's Bookstore was right next door, I stopped in to see if I could find something interesting to read, and every week I found a Science Fiction novel that looked promising, but most of them didn't pan out.
    So I had this stack of six or eight Sci-Fi stories that I ought to read, but they just weren't compelling, and so they sat there, and I surfed the net and I didn't read much of anything.
    Eventually my mental log jam collapsed and I ordered some new stuff from Amazon and suddenly it's like springtime! Life is good once again. I just finished reading Broken Harbor by Tana French and End Games by Michael Dibdin. They are murder mysteries, not Sci-Fi, but excellent stories, and that's the important part.

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