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Tuesday, January 18, 2022



Support Rod Mounting

California Bob reports:
[The in-laws] may be moving in, so we wanted to section off an area downstairs to give them some privacy.  First I was thinking "wall," then "partial wall maybe 6' high..."  Then I said "heck, no one's gonna be down there anyway, let's just curtain it off."

Made some big curtains out of Home Depot canvas tarps, and metal conduit for curtain rod. Got these little curtain rod rings with alligator clips that you just clip to the hem of the canvas. Dirt cheap and has a decent muslin look to it. 

I was actually at Restoration Hardware HQ a few weeks ago, and their lobbies are full of stuff that looks like this -- though priced in the the thousands. I'll pass my curtains off as Belgian linen.
I wonder if this is how Hong Kong got started. 'Yeah, we've got some extra room, you can stay will us' and then it just kept going. We've got a couple of the kids staying with us, but 99% of the time I am not even aware they are here.

My daughter wanted to curtain off part of the big downstairs room for her wedding reception. I never understood that. Did she think people were going to steal some books? Or sit in the chairs? Yeah, there's some things about being social that I just don't understand.

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