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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Application of Force

We have two links that are just barely related. One is about military force and the other about financial force. I have lumped them together because those seem to be the only forces the world understands.

Citizen Kane
(an image from the movie)

First off we have Yard Sale of the Mind talking about billionaires and how their influence can be much larger than one might suppose.

May 9 Celebration in Mariupol, Ukraine

The other is from Pepe Escobar about Russia's incursion into the Ukraine and how the story being promoted by the Biden regime might not be accurate.

A couple other things I heard about Ukraine that make a certain amount of sense are -

  • The US military is using the conflict in the Ukraine to get rid of a bunch of weapons that are either obsolete or will soon be. Get rid of the old stuff and when you replace it you can get new and better stuff.
  • The purpose of the USA led attack on Russia is to maintain the US dollar as the world standard.  Being the world standard is what has allowed us to spend trillions of newly minted dollars to buy stuff from other countries, even though there is no substance behind our money. It's like, we're the USA, trust us, all hale the almighty dollar. However, by freezing Russia's currency reserves we may have shot our selves in the foot as many other countries will take that as evidence that we can't be trusted.


xoxoxoBruce said...

In Pepe's fairy tale he says... "Fully exposing the whole maze, from the start, was one of Putin’s stated objectives."
Stated when, where, to whom?

Anonymous said...

All hale? I have always written All hail. Which is right? And why?

Northbound Blue Volvo said...

All hail is correct. It's in the dictionary: