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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sky High - Netflix Series

Sky High: The Series | Official trailer | Netflix

The title in Spanish is Hasta El Cielo which translates to Up To Heaven. It is set mostly in Madrid, but there are also scenes in France, Lisbon and Lagos, Nigeria.

Sole, widow, mother and daughter of the leader of a criminal organization, is trying to break out from under her father's umbrella and establish her own reputation. To this end she has taken over her deceased husband's gang of thugs. Because she's got the nerve she's managed to become the leader of the pack. Her guys pull off some audacious heists, mostly smash and grab, but big smashes and big grabs. It isn't all a bed of loot though, she is operating in the established criminal web and there are all kinds of obligations and prohibitions she has to cope with.

Chinese Vase - screenshot from Netflix

in Episode 4, Sole is trying to settle a dispute with the Chinese. She offers them money, but that is not good enough. They want this vase that is on display in France at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte. The (fictional) vase is originally from China. It was taken in 1860 when the British and French troops looted the Old Summer Palace during the Second Opium War.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte - screenshot from Netflix

The place is well guarded. Grabbing the vase would not be difficult for these guys, but getting away without getting caught, well, that's going to be a bit of a trick.

P. S. After taking a tour of the chateau they are driving around town and they notice the cops are following them. This puzzles them because they haven't done anything wrong (on this trip, anyway), they're just playing tourists. They flew in on a commercial airliner, rented a car and drove to the chateau, a popular spot with tourists, what reason would the cops have to pick on them? Then Compi fesses up. He didn't actually rent the car. He saw it just sitting there at the airport unattended and took it, i.e. they're driving around in a stolen car. He just couldn't help himself, it's in his blood.

Episode 5 opens with them stealing the vase. They estimated it was going to take them four and a half minutes to get in, steal the vase and get out. I paused the show as soon as they all got in the get away car and drove away. Time: 4:44. Cute.

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