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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Horseless Carriage

I Spent $1500 to Fix Ryobi's Mistake
Aging Wheels

I like this guy. He takes on projects that I would like to take on, but since he is doing them and making videos of them, I don't have to.

I thought about buying an electric lawn mower for our New House [tm] remodeling project but I ended up hiring the neighbor's lawn man to mow it. He was kind of expensive for the tiny lawn, but it saved me the hassle. I spent some time looking at electric lawn mowers (the push kind, not a riding mower) and it looked like a decent one would cost about $500 which seemed like a heck of a lot of money, but the yard man would twice cost that much for a year. 

I also have an old Makita electric drill with Ni-cad batteries. I thought about changing it over to some kind nickel-something batteries which are almost as good as lithium ion but much cheaper, but then I would have needed a new charger and I wasn't all that invested in the idea. Besides, I never figured out how I was going to seal the new batteries inside the plastic cover, being as I would need to practically destroy the old cover to get the old cells out. Maybe when I am retired I will look into it.

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