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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

Uncle John would tell about the Moro juramentados, how their native Moslem datu would call the single volunteer up before the tribe and anoint him and consecrate him to the heaven he was getting ready to attend and then, practically, bind his balls and pecker with wet rawhide before he ran amok, so that the pain of the contraction of the drying leather would keep him going. That was why, said Uncle John, the Army first adopted the .45. Because six slugs from a .38 special would not knock a juramentado down. And, in his condition, obviously, you had to knock him down to stop him. The .45 was guaranteed to knock any man off his feet, if it only hit the tip of his little finger, or your money back. And the Army, said Uncle John, had been using it effectively ever since.
From Here To Eternity  by James Jones, page 20. Just in case you were wondering why the Army adopted the .45 in the first place.

I had to type this one in myself, no help at all from Google Books. I suppose I could have taken a picture and sent that to the OCR program. I'll have to remember that next time.

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