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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Operation Serval - France Goes to War in Mali

45 minutes, in French, with subtitles.

This is a pretty good film and a nice story. Trouble shows up in Mali (Western Africa) and the French go in to put a stop to it. They send a small force (4,500 troops), they are there for a few months, and they dealt with the problem. Who knows how long things will remain calm.
     Mali is where you find Timbuktu, which should tell you something about the place. I was surprised to find that anyone thought there was anything there worth fighting over. There are a few things worth noting in this film:
  • the temperature: at times it reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit (8 minute mark).
  • the amount of gear the French troops were carrying (in excess of 100 pounds).
  • Wild camels (18 minute mark).
  • the amount of water you need to support a military force in the Sahara desert. 20 tons of water every day. (20 x 2000 / 4500 = 2 gallons per man).
  • the amount of munitions they recovered from secret caches in the middle of nowhere. Literally tons of arms and ammunition. It was like the Jihadists were planning a war. (20 & 43 minute marks.)
Update July 2016 replaced missing video.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Friend, the Bible calls these folk- the ones where muslimity began- "A bitter and impetuous people." I thought that interesting . Today Impetuosity is likened to spontaneity and impulse- like choosing to eat chinese one night. A definition of that term is:"given, or predisposed to violence." Nuff said, as they say.