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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Anti-Spam Turing Test

I dunno if it's my eyes, or my monitor, or whether these cryptic decoding tasks are getting harder, but some of them are almost impossible to decipher. I failed the first one over at Tam's just now, so when the next one popped up, I said screw this and brought the hammer down. Press Print Screen, which sends a screen image to Picasa, which I leave running most all the time, switch to Picasa, Enlarge and increase the Fill Light and here we have something that, while still nearly illegible, I was at least able to correctly guess the correct values. In the original image the '3' in 3409 was totally obscure.
     To get this image here I had to repeat this process, because Picasa's Export function will not enlarge images even though I clicked Resize to 800 pixels. So I took a screen shot of the enlarged image (yes, a screen shot of a screen shot) and cropped that, and that's what we have here.

P.S. The Turing Test is old idea proposed by Alan Turing for determining if you have an intelligent machine. If you can't tell whether your corespondent is human or not, it passes the test. Since we do not have any intelligent machines yet, if you can decipher these characters, you must be a real person.

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