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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Geek Humor

The Jargon File's online rendition uses an unusually large number of special characters. This test page lists them so you can check what your browser does with each one.
αgreek character alpha
κgreek character kappa
λgreek character lambda
Λgreek character Lambda
νgreek character nu
οgreek character omicron
πgreek character pi
£pound sterling
left angle bracket
right angle bracket
æae ligature
ßGerman sharp-s sign
similarity sign
empty set (used for APL null)
µmicro quantifier sign
right arrow
horizontal double arrow
trademark symbol
®registered-trademark symbol
´acute accent
·medial dot
We normally test with the latest build of Mozilla. If some of the special characters above look wrong, your browser has bugs in its standards-conformance and you should replace it.

From The Jargon Files. I don't know what's showing up on your screen, but here the "left angle bracket" and the "right angle bracket" both show up as little rectangles, and I am using Google's Chrome on an old Windows XP machine. I find the last sentence hilarious.


CGHill said...

They all look fine to me. Then again, I'm on the latest stable (as if) build of Mozilla on XP.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Looking with Opera vs. looking with Firefox, both latest versions under Windows 7 German version, the only difference is for the empty-set symbol.

Firefox shows a circle with a forward slash through it whereas Opera shows an upright empty rectangle.