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Friday, April 26, 2013

Tall Cars, Part 2

Once upon a time I drove a Corvette from Austin to Denver to go skiing. Our route took us on a two lane blacktop across Northern New Mexico. The road went over a series of small hills, or rather it went across a plain that was cut by multiple gullies and the road would dip down to cross the bottom of the gully. The hills between the gullies had gently rounded tops. How far you could see down the road depended on how high above the road you were and whether there were any cars coming or not. If there were cars coming, the tops of the cars would stick up above the crest of hill and you could see them. If there weren't any cars coming you couldn't see beyond the crest, and since you couldn't see beyond the crest you didn't know whether the road took a sudden dive just beyond the crest or not. If it did take a dive, there could be a whole army of cars just beyond the crest of the road and they could appear just about time you tried to pass the car in front of you. So even though I was driving a Corvette, the largest and mostly powerful handcar in the world, I wasn't feeling lucky, so I stayed in my lane and plodded along behind the truckers and the tourists and all the other citizens meandering their way across this God-forsaken part of the world. And that's why I shouldn't like short cars.

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