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Friday, April 12, 2013

Un-quote of the Day

"Economists are professionally trained to be wary of diminishing returns to any one activity, and to be entrepreneurial about starting new activities." - William Easterly and Laura Freschi on Aid Watch.
I can't tell just from reading the post whether they are being jackass serious, or suavely sarcastic, or maybe it's just something that slipped out in that space where you-need-to-say-something-to-explain-your-actions and nothing really comes to mind. Anyway, it just hit me cross-wise. I didn't think you could characterize economists in any way other than that someone (perhaps even themselves) called them an economist, and I certainly didn't know that they got professional training in how to run their lives. I mean, where would you get such training? I know I could certainly use some. Might not take, but one can always hope.

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