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Friday, April 19, 2013

Murder, Mayhem and Drugs

A post by Bayou Renaissance Man prompted a post by Dustbury, which has prompted me to put up this one. The line that got me was: Forbidding murder does not prevent it. I am all for legalizing drugs because forbidding them isn't working. Does thing mean we should also legalize murder?
    I knew a guy once who said there should only be one law and that law should be "thou shalt not pollute". Everything else passes, but pollution can hang around for generations.
    Legalizing murder could cause an increase in the murder rate, but it would also lead to more revenge killings, and people banding together to form self protection societies, who would hire armed guards to remove anyone who threatened them, which is basically where we are now, several tens of generations later.
    The difference is that murder involves another person, while drugs are an individual thing. Forcing someone to take drugs, while it might come up occasionally  isn't the main problem. No, the anti-drug laws go right along with the anti-gun laws: I don't like it, so YOU shouldn't do it. Democracy in action. Sometimes it really sucks.

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