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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upsetting NASCAR News

NASCAR penalized a winning race team after a post race inspection found a technical violation of the minimum weight specification of an internal engine part. But that's not the upsetting news. The upsetting news is that the winning car was a Toyota Camry! Horrors! Sacriledge! Who let these pagans into the temple? Evidently I haven't been following NASCAR too closely.
    I have gone to a few car races and they were great fun. There is nothing like the roar of high performance engines running at full throttle, especially while consuming vast quantities of your favorite refreshing beverage, and then shouting yourself hoarse. But like all forms of commercial entertainment and professional sports exhibitions  it's expensive, so some time ago after I got thoroughly engaged in this raising a family business, I gave it up.

Via Iowa Andy, who's not in Kansas anymore.

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