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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ghost in the Machine

South Carolina, April 12, 2013. Maj. Jeff Beckham performs preflight checks on his F-16 at McEntire Joint National Guard Base. National Guard photo by Jorge Intriago.

Notice what looks like someone spilled a little liquid on the bottom center of the photo, the faint white stream that looks like it is pouring out of the air intake of this jet fighter. I thought it was a little odd; perhaps there is some cryogenic system on board that is venting some gas, and the engine isn't running yet, so it's flowing out and onto the ground. I inquired and got back this reply:
That's the engine intake vortex caused by condensation (water vapor). - Indianatheart 
Reminds me of some pictures of jets with visible vortexs coming off the wing tips.

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