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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Moses Lake, Part 2

Keechelus Lake, Snoqualmie Pass area.  I-90 in the foreground.
I've started reading SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson and we find ourselves driving east on Interstate 90 in Washington State, heading over Snoqualmie Pass. Hey! I was just there. I'll bet Neal was inspired by my blog post. Not. Still, it was pretty cool to be reading about a place I had just been.

Central Washington, Snoqualmie Pass (upper left) to Moses Lake (right center)
Yakima (bottom center)
Doob, the character driving, is headed to Moses Lake. Me, I turned south at Ellensberg heading for Yakima. Doob is headed to Moses Lake because there is an enormous airport there, a relic left over from the cold war. 

Big Hangar at Grant County International Airport
That gray strip cutting across the upper part of the picture is the runway

The airport is being used mostly for testing now, but occasionally it comes in handy for moving things.

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