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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wombwell Auto Parts Company

Landis crankshaft grinder driven by two belts, the left to rotate the crankshaft and the right-hand one to turn the grinding stone at a very high speed.
Back in the 1930's Wombwell Auto Parts was a good-sized operation in Lexington, Kentucky. It included an extensive machine shop operation. The machines are almost modern looking except for being driving by flat belts descending from driveshafts hanging from the ceiling. More pictures here and here.

Interior view of portable machine shop housed in a travel trailer.
They also had a fully equipped machine shop in a trailer that was pulled by a 1935 Chevrolet Coupe.  More pictures here. Pictures of the trailer must have been taken when it was new. It is very clean, not like the main shop. That place looks like they have been making dirt for a thousand years.

Modern Crankshaft Grinder
Modern crankshaft grinder has the same basic layout as the old one shown up top. Storm Vulcan, maker of this crankshaft grinder, seems to have vanished. All Google can find are people who sell parts for the machines. That is not too surprising since engines last longer and rebuilding engines has become the domain of hobbyists and cranks. These machines are still necessary for manufacturing, but I suspect they are all made in China now. Except for the robotic ones, those are made in Japan. Europe probably still makes their own because, well, Europe.

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